Sunday, August 28, 2011

Christmas in August!

Most of you know that last week we marked the 15th anniversary(!) of Knit One Smock Too with a sale.
Thank goodness we did, because this week the UPS and FedEx workers delivered massive quantities of new, beautiful fall and winter yarns!
We hadn't see any of this yarn since it was ordered way back in the early spring, so each box held a "new" treasure!

This was the disaster scene Thursday morning after all the new yarn had been checked in and priced.
We moved much of the cotton yarns to the back half of the shop and began filling the shelves in the front section with the new stuff.

We quickly ran out of room, so we began filling the clearance table with more goodies. Don't wait too long to visit--there are some really nice skeins waiting to be snatched up by some savvy shopper!

Eventually all the beautiful new yarns found a place on the shelf and order (or as much order as we ever have!) is restored. Come see the latest patterns and feel the cushy new fibers for fall!

Happy stitching!