Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Knitting: free patterns

Don't you love this cute infinity scarf that Jandell made?  The yarn is Lang Sol Degrade, a cotton tape that is light and airy.  The pattern is a free pattern that you can download here on Ravelry or here if you're not a Ravelry member.  Lisa Crozier made the cool, drapey linen top.  The pattern is Leisl by CoCoKnits, not a free pattern, but a very popular and flattering one that we have in stock.

If you've ever wondered about linen and other plant-based natural fibers, this post from Knitting Daily will give you lots of information.  Lisa's linen top and the other linen items that we have on display can attest to the softness and drape of linen.

Are you knitting the same prayer shawl, dishcloth, or afghan over and over?  Want to mix it up a little this summer?  Knitting Daily, the Interweave knits blog, has a free e-book of pattern stitches that will add some variety to your projects.  Click here to download the free e-book. There are lots of other free e-books and patterns on their website and on the Ravelry website too!

Remember when you are adding or changing pattern stitches, you often need to tweak the number of stitches cast on to make the pattern work out correctly. Most patterns give you the pattern "repeat" -- the number of stitches that make up one section of the pattern.  Make sure that you cast on a multiple of this number so that you won't end your row in the middle of a pattern section.  Stop by if you need help figuring out the number of stitches to cast on.

Hope you can take time to stitch this weekend!  I'm working on two sweater projects AND I have a lingering applique project that Jandell and Shirley want me to finish ASAP!!

See you soon,

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