Friday, September 11, 2009

School Daze

Tis the season for getting back to those routines of school.
Laura was the last of our household to start school this year--very unfair to younger brothers who had to start MUCH earlier--and I got to travel to Georgia and spend a few days helping her get resettled in the dorm.

After all the settling was done, we, of course, went shopping! Kudzu is one of my new favorite places to browze (and buy--I still want that cute table and chairs!). Their sign by the front door says it all:

Haven't we all had this feeling when we are searching for that one skein of yarn or last
piece of fabric needed to finish a project?

We have lots of moms who did finish their smocking projects for the first day of school. I'm so proud of them!!
Here is Anna Jane on her first day of school. Her mother used the Lindsay pattern from Bonnie Blue and a smocking plate from Little Memories. A picture of her dress as a work in progress is here. Her smart mother has a great tutorial here for an appliqued t-shirt!

Daniela did a great job on her daughter's first day dress:

Daniela used the Ellen McCarn Yoke Dress pattern and a smocking plate from the book Sew Cute Couture

Here is Summer's daughter and her doll in their new dresses made from the Oliver +S pattern Puppet Show Tunic and Dress. Notice the bullion roses on the collar that match her floral print!

All patterns and fabrics are available at Knit One Smock Too.

Now that vacations are over, we have so many classes starting. Come learn something new with us!

Happy stitching!
Martha and Shirley


  1. Enjoyed the "Back to school" update. Thanks for the inspiration you girls provide !!

  2. That Mary De sure is cute.. I am almost convinced that should be my next project. Although I was also thinking of cashmere flannel nightgowns for the girls, those were a big hit two years ago. Love the update, I just love seeing what everyone is making!!

  3. Wow, Kudzu looks like a fun place to shop. All the little girls and their dresses are so darling.