Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stitching therapy

I read this on the other day:

"What I'm doing to pamper myself this holiday season is to knit!
I love to knit but my other responsibilities throughout the year often preclude it. So I dec
ided that I would knit at least three times a week throughout this holiday season. I decided that instead of trying to make a large project, I'd make Christmas Ornaments that are mini-sweaters, each one different.

In just the last week and a half, from doing this, I've made 20 ornaments and mastered three new knitting techniques that I've been wanting to do for ages! The ornaments are so small that I can get a good portion of them knitted in a 15-minute block, and one day when I had a lot of waiting time, I carried the knitting along with me and made 3 of them while I would have otherwise been bored or irritated by "wasting time" waiting. Instead I was calm and happy.


I 'll bet Bernadette is doing something like these.

What kind of stitching activity pampers you? I love to look through my old smocking and knitting magazines and find new projects and Shirley likes to look though her quilt books.

Susann likes to work with her orchids and talk to her grandchildren, which leads her to her applique books to create more cute outfits like these:

Tell us your favorite way to spend some stitching time!


  1. I just found another way I pamper myself with my knitting: This morning I spent some time in my chilly basement sewing room (which is a lovely place to spend a hot summer day)and was glad I had dressed in my cozy made-by-me sweater and my toasty handknit socks! :)Martha

  2. Up until a week or so ago, I pampered myself with a day full of workshop and smocking classes at KOST. BUT once a week is not enough, so most days I sew a bit and smock in the evening when the TV is on. In January I plan to add a knitting workshop so I can finally finish that long ago started sweater. Now I've announced it - somebody make me do it !!

  3. My favorite stitching time is to do hand applique. I enjoy the whole process. Prepping and stitching. I enjoy watching the block come together like a painting.
    Merry Christmas ya'll.

  4. I love to look through old crochet and knitting patterns. I always find something 'new' that I swear will become my next project. But, there are too many old patterns and projects waiting in my yarn baskets and on closet shelves for me to begin yet another learning I read on...

  5. oh my gosh, those little sweaters are ADORABLE!! I think when i am trying to spoil myself with handwork, I smock, but it takes a level of concentration and quiet that is rarely found with all our goings on. I truly truly miss it. I can make hairbows and headbands while the kids play in the basement, but the kind of heirloom work I prefer on smocked outfits, just isn't possible with that ruckus!! and while I have found that knitting is doable, I am forever interuppted mid-row... YIKES!! I am however dying to try the sailor pants pattern from oliver and s.. so maybe I will need to get a nanny..

  6. Just wanted to stop by and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.
    Blessing on your new year too.