Saturday, August 28, 2010

Teaching, Learning, and Watching Them Grow

I was planning to write a post about children: the ones we sew and knit for, and the ones we teach our craft to. I was going to talk about how 14 years ago when we opened Shirley, Ruth and I had 8 kids between us.
Ruth is the big winner with 4, I come in second with three, and Shirley (the smart one) has 1. The ages of the eight then ranged from the 40's (Ruth) to 15 months (me). Ruth's girls were some of our first customers and my youngest was sometimes with me in the backpack as I worked. Shirley's son, who was about 11 at the time, came to see us occasionally but mostly was busy with other pursuits (he's smart like his mother!).

We three sewed and knitted for those eight as they were growing up, just as our mothers and grandmothers had done for us. We passed on our knowledge and love of creating to them as our mothers and grandmothers had done with us. They have been patient and supportive in their role as the cobbler's children. They have taken out the trash, fixed the computer, built shelves, brought us our lunch, and waited as we did "one more row" without rolling their eyes -- not!

When Susann and Jandell joined us we added five more kids to the family and then Susann's six Grands! Jandell and Susann both have very creative girls who are talented with thread and yarn. They quilt, sew, embroider and knit, write poetry and win ribbons at the Dixie Classic Fair.

I was then going to tell you about our friend Pat who teaches at South Fork Elementary and has an incredible group of boys and girls knitting after school. I looked at the South Fork Yearbook and the kids in the Knitting Club group picture filled the risers way more than any of the other clubs!
A group of our knitters donated lots of needles and yarn to them last year. The Knitting Club made this great notebook as a thank-you. Come by the shop and look at the album. It is filled with pictures of happy kids, having fun creating. Their thank-you letters and fabulous and will cheer you if you are having a yucky day. They are gearing up for a bigger group this year, so feel free to clear out your stash and drop off a donation at the shop or the South Fork School office.

That was what I was going to write about, but then I decided to look at Katherine's blog first--procrastination at its best! The photos of her smocking took my breath away! You see, I know the occasions behind every one of those beautiful creations. I am so very proud of her and proud to have had a tiny part in helping her talent to blossom. She only shows SOME of her smocking on this post, but she has done much, much, more. She also does beautiful embroidery, such as the handkerchiefs she made for her wedding attendants and the framed piece she shows here.

So now I have to write about my wonderful students and the beautiful things they create for themselves and their families. Katherine's gorgeous photography has captured some of her work, but LOTS of you have also knitted, quilted and sewed little pieces of love. Everyday I see you all get so much joy from making beautiful things. I also see the satisfaction that comes from succeeding at something that is challenging and sometimes out of your comfort zone. I love sharing that process with you. That's where my joy comes from. I know all the teachers here at Knit One agree. Thanks for letting us be a part of your creative life.



  1. What a thoughtful and touching post! I really need to come for a visit, soon. I'm in High Point so it's not that far!

  2. OH Martha this is such a wonderful and sentimental post. I have loved having "Miss Martha's Shop" as the kids call it, so near and have adored the women who have given so generously of their gifts there. I am also amazed at Katherine's work, obviously she doesn't sleep or eat! Thank you for a little uplift!