Friday, April 15, 2011

Found Time and Sanity

My friend London saves me hours of time each week. Do you wonder how she performs this amazing feat, especially since I see her maybe once a week?

She has saved me much time and aggravation by making me one of these beautiful necklaces for my reading glasses. I put it on when I come to the shop each morning, and all day long I know where my "specs" are and I can see to inspect someone's smocking or knitting and read the tiny print of all those yarn labels and I have on a beautiful piece of jewelry. Amazing!

I love my necklace so much that London is now making these for you. They are so pretty, I'm thinking that maybe I need another one for my "sewing room" glasses!

She is now making custom necklaces for your Clover cutters. Come by and place your order.

Thanks, London!

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