Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scarf Time!

There's a chill in the air today and it looks like we're in for a beautiful fall weekend! Don't you need something to keep your (or your loved one's) neck warm?

Several years ago the eyelash scarf knitting craze was in full swing. Now the scarf-knitting trends are more diverse. Lots of beautiful scarves and cowls and shawls are knit with luxurious natural fibers and intricate pattern stitches...

But sometimes you need a quick scarf to make an outfit zippier or you need a quick gift (the holidays ARE approaching!).

My friend Matilda agreed to model some of the newest scarf yarns for fall. She's a great model--she doesn't talk back and she stands very still while I try to focus my camera--unlike my family who roll their eyes if I take too long trying to get the right shot!

Here Matilda is wearing our Black and Gold Special. Great for certain sporting events and elegant holiday parties. Made with one skein of Moda Lame` by Filatura de Crossa.

This scarf is made of the new Kidsilk Haze Creation. Kid mohair and silk make a luxurious but quick ruffled scarf that you can knit in an evening or less. Very soft and cozy! The pattern on the label calls for casting on 2 stitches, but I did three stitches, just to be different!

When you need a a REALLY quick scarf these two are are the Fastest!

The one on the left is Katia Aloha. The pattern is on the label. We call it the 15 Minute Scarf!

The turquoise scarf on the right is from Filatura di Crossa and we call it the 1 Minute Scarf!!! You work a crocheted chain stitch with your hand. what will they come up with next?

This scarf is made with Berocco Link. The pattern is on the label. The Berocco website has several other free patterns that can be make with this yarn.

For a more tailored look, Matilda likes this Herringbone neck warmer. The pattern was inspired by this free pattern, but we made ours with much bigger needles and thicker yarn. The shawl pins make a great accessory and easier than making buttonholes!

This ruffly neck warmer is made with Manos Silk blend and feels great up next to your neck. Martha has a trick for casting on the 300+ stitches that she'll share with you if you want to make one of these!!

Matilda has asked for a big, cozy cowl next. There are lots of free cowl patterns out in cyberspace! Martha is knitting a Stockholm cowl in Cascade Epiphany, but it is taking awhile. Jandell is making a Honey Cowl out of Cascade 220 Superwash. Or, maybe this easy and luscious Souffle cowl will be just the thing!

Happy Stitching,

Martha, Shirley, Susann, and Jandell

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  1. Always always tempting me with those knitting needles, but I am so slow. By the time I finish the 15 minute scarf it will be summer time. Maybe the one minute scarf is for me. Prepare yourselves ladies.. I'm coming in.