Monday, January 23, 2012

We interrupt this program...

Hopefully you have heard about the January UFO Challenge and are madly finishing projects like these ladies.

Well, I was in that finish-mode, too, until my friend Doris gave me the leftovers from a pair of socks she was knitting.
The yarn is Crazy Zauberball and I immediately remembered this pattern:
I had just bought a fabulous sweater at 60% off the lowest price (thanks, Talbots!) and it really needed a scarf asap.
So all the UFO's got pushed aside while I got that scarf out of my system.
I've worn it lots since then and will probably wear it lots more! It's not too hot to wear indoors and adds a touch of color to my "ensemble".

Great pattern, easy to follow and fairly quick. Several episodes of Downton Abbey and Parenthood and I'm done. Thanks, Melissa!!

Now, back to those UFO's!!

Happy Stitching,

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