Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow day (sort-of!)

Today we are experiencing what the meteorologists call a "wintry mix" so I'm spending the day at home (the shop is closed) catching up on:
Mending a sweater and sewing on scout badges

Kitchener stitching the second sock of a pair!!!

Making buttonholes for these two beauties!

And LOTS of pleating! So I can get to the fun part:

Knitting and stitching on my two current projects. Hope you get to work on your favorite things today too!


  1. sounds like you have a full day planned. me too!

  2. My that's a load of projects! I'm not terribly surprised as you are not a woman to be still. Can't wait to see you unveil your latest works.

  3. oh gracious, I adore the blue jay! is that completely hand stitched? I love him! What is the finished project going to be? fun to see your blog and learn of your shop...will visit this fall for sure!