Thursday, June 28, 2012

Have Needle, Will Travel!

Trip Projects

    Are you planning a trip this summer?  If you're like me, you plan your "trip projects" before you plan your trip wardrobe!  I left for a BIG trip at the end of May--a long plane ride and then a two weeks sightseeing on a bus through the countryside.
    I packed two embroidery projects and one knitting project in my carry on.  I pre-cut my embroidery floss so that I wouldn't have to carry scissors on the plane and downloaded my knitting pattern to my Kindle Fire. I thought I'd get lots done!  I forgot how tightly people are packed into planes now and bumpy the plane ride can be and how I would need to sleep some of the time...

    Well, I came home with a few stitches made on one of my embroidery projects and half of my knitting project finished.  The only time I had to work was at the end of a looong day of touring, and easy knitting was all I had the energy for while watching a little TV with foreign subtitles before bed.  I did enjoy storing my pattern as a PDF on my Kindle: no piece of paper to keep up with!
My unfinished Wingspan
Wingspan has been a free Ravelry download for some time now and is such fun to knit!  Karen Johnson finished hers first and will be teaching this for us in July.  Come let her help you get started on your very own traveling Wingspan!
Karen's finished Wingspan!
I'm off to get caught up on my embroidery now!
Have a great day and take time to make a few stitches before the day is over,


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