Friday, June 8, 2012

New Fabric Friday

You might think that it's the beginning of summer, but in fact, it's the beginning of the holiday fabric season!
Since early May the Fall, Halloween, and Christmas fabric has arrived one sweet box at a time.  We have been nicely surprised by what we ordered back in December and January!  Our friend Patsy says that we should take pictures as we order, but that would require more organization than we are capable of, plus I like seeing the new fabrics with fresh eyes when we open the boxes!!

Here's a preview:
Jolly Holiday by In The Beginning Fabrics

This Jennifer Jangles fabric comes with coordinating ceramic buttons!

Moda Halloween!

Moda Christmas!

Makes me want to plan a new, far-into-the-future-project.  Fall and Christmas seem such a long way off...

Enjoy your weekend,

1 comment:

  1. Lovely fabrics, I love the colors. Yes, perfect for a new project. Time passes so quickly, it wouldn't be that long. :)

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